Design of new geosynthetics is strongly dependent on laboratory characterization for mechanical and chemical strengths, for set up damage and for sustainable. Design, setting up and standardization of new tests are necessary to ensure the development of new geosynthetics for which existing standards are not efficient.The interactions between  geosynthetic and soil are complex and require elaborated research means coupling physical modellings in laboratory, complex numerical modellings and validation in situ.For each research issue, an experimental qualification will be undertaken and coupled with a numerical modelling at the level of the interaction (by DEM) and at the level of the reinforced stracture (by FEM). This  coupling between enperimentation and numerical study will allow to decide on the continuation of the procedure of qualification. For each research issue, the expected products are standardized tests and tools of engineering design.


Topic - 06/21/2017

Séminaire du 21 juin

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