Laboratory devices

Inclined plane

The inclined plane consists in a lower box onto which is fitted an upper box. The upper box can move along a system of wheels on rails located on either side of the lower box. The upper box is generally filled with a 30-cm thick layer of soil as a load. The frictional interface size (0.6 m x 0.8 m) makes it possible to conduct tests on geosynthetic samples with large dimensions.The geosynthetics are placed between the two boxes. Depending on the interface to be tested, they are either attached to the upper box or fixed to anchoring grips on the lower box. The space between the two boxes is adjustable, thus enabling the testing of Geosynthetic Liner Systems of varying thickness and composed of one to four geosynthetics.A computer-controlled motorized device manages the tilting of the plane at variable controlled lifting rates (0.5 to 3.5°/min).The Standard Procedure EN ISO 12957-2 and the “Force procedure” can be applied with this inclined plane.